Monday, September 2, 2013

Glorifying Sand

So another boy scored some A's in A levels and everyone is going crazy. Anyone with an ounce of a brain knows people who are trying to appear in so many subjects have only one aim in mind, which off course we provide to them easily. Soon we will hear another story of some boy breaking youngest Microsoft Certification or Oracle Certification record. Yeah right like in the real world it matters, good job kid but know thinking that we are rivals of the Scientific world please spare me. For people having no clue about the achievements in science and technology these might really be big things sure they will be it appear good on news and it sell good, yeah and also generate some good money through advertisement. But are we helping science no we are not. Are we helping our local education system, nah. What we are doing then. Just creating a race to get some shitty certificates (you can count the number of academies sprung out to cash in) which actually doesn't matter to the academic world or getting A's and glorifying it. Tell me the number of PhD laureates we have in Science subjects. How many we have glorified. How many world changing theories or products are coming out of our institutes. We usually don't own our only Nobel laureate but that is a different reason so leave that. We only praise who is good in reverse engineering or copying stuff. Originality is becoming a distant dream. But then again we have lost all the standards in every way of life we even remotely had in the past now they only rule is how much money could be made from this.

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